I can’t feed my cat

my cat is dead

some kid took her while she was in front of the house

I bought loots of goodies for my cat but
she, friendly as it was, went to play with a little girl

a little girl who blew up

wrapped in explosives

looking so lovely and holding my cat




i can’t make love with my lover

can’t find him, can’t hold him

my lover is lost

maybe my lover flew off

leaving behind

this woman too weak for

such an escape

better to flee than lie dead

for a cause



I can’t hug my mother

can’t kiss my father

they’re too old and to cold for such things

too old to dance filled with  joy
in the innocent’s exodus
to sick and fragile for this things
instead they prefer to be killed
just like that and

I suppose they don’t  miss me
they very much enjoy facing the dust and the sun like
they were on a beach  not abandoned on the side of the road
but it happens
that I will miss them forever and more





Dear Muhammad, I lost my enthusiasm
I cannot draw
my hand was deadly shot in the head
My empathy goes to all  innocent victims of the Boko Haram
Photo:  A man holds a placard that reads ‘I am Charlie, let’s not forget the victims of Boko Haram’ outside the French embassy in Abidjan. Photograph: SIA KAMBOU/AFP/Getty Images